Portable Event Solutions

We appreciate that some events and budgets require a smaller or more portable solution, so below is a selection of some of the products we can offer. Please note this is not everything so please do not hesitate to contact us if you can't see exactly what you're looking for. 

We offer complete product, artwork and print services for all of these items.

Banner Stands

We have a wide range of banner stands, from basic standalone, roller and cassette to linkable ones. These are our favourites but we offer many more. We also print the graphics so we can deal with all your needs. 

  • Original Twist

    From £279

  • Media Flexi Link Kit

    From £799

  • Various options


Twist Stands

The Twist is a great modular system that can be used as a standalone unit, as a small set up or as big as you like! You can hang as big as a 32" screen from them which is completely intigrated. It has a self levelling base which allows the graphics to seamlessly link together even on the most difficult floors.

  • 3x2 Evolution Quick


  • 3x4 Curved Impact


  • 3x3 Curved Impact


Pop Up Stands

Pop Up stands are still a great way to promote your company or product and portable enough so you can install and dismantle the stand yourselves, saving money and time. These are our most popular sellers but there are many more configurations possible, just ask!

  • Zed Up Lite (A4)


  • Cascade (A4)


  • Aura


Literature Dispensers

There is always a time that you need to display some literature, whether that's at an event or in your reception area so here are some of our most popular stands. 

  • Monsoon 1m x 2.5m


  • Whirlwind


  • Zoom Light Feather


Outdoor products

These outdoor stands and flags are a great way to advertise/brand external areas. The all come with various weighting options to suit your requirements so they won't blow away!

  • Linear AV/Lit Post

    £390 ex TV

  • Showroom Displays


  • Window Displays


Retail/POS products

Whether you're in a car showroom, a shopping centre or needing a window display such as Estate Agents would, our retail/point of sale products to suit all needs. These are a few of our favourites but please contact us if you don't see exactly what you are looking for as we have many more.

  • Cases and Bags


  • iPad stand


  • Lights


Accessories products

Whether you need a case for your Pop Up, a new bag for your Banner Stand, lights for any system or one of our new accessories such as the freestanding iPad stand you can contact us for the relevant price...and remember if it's not shown here just call/email and ask. 

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